The Antlers in Istanbul

Last night indie rock darlings The Antlers closed out their European tour here in Istanbul.  The Brooklyn-based band played at Salon, one of the city’s nicer intimate venues located in Şişhane, in support of their acclaimed new album Burst Apart

The Antlers turned pretty much every one of their songs into 10 minute+ jams. I would normally find this tedious and annoying, but with Peter Silberman’s spot-on vocals and the rest of the band’s mason-jar-tight instrumentation, it turned out to be an hour and forty minutes of luscious ear candy.  A personal favorite track of mine was “Every Night my Teeth are Falling Out” (mostly because I also have that dream- often), though I think the show stopper was definitely “Putting the Dog to Sleep”.  As Silberman and the rest of the band belted out “Put your trust in me…. I’m not gonna die alone.” I certainly wanted to- even if I wasn’t quite sure what they were talking about. 

In all, it was great concert. I certainly wish more bands of this caliber would come to Turkey- and judging by the packed room, there seems to be a growing demographic that  likes indie music here. Hopefully the right people are noticing.


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