Winter Reading List: Catch-22

Right now I’m re-reading my favorite novel, Catch-22 by Joseph Heller. I first read it when I was in high school when I found copy with a torn cover at a library sale. I re-read it while in college, but this is the first time I’ve picked it up again since graduating.  I’ve found I shouldn’t  read it in public because I can’t help laughing obnoxiously out loud as I read it. The following is one of my favorite bits of dialogue:

‘What the h— are you getting so upset about?’ he asker her bewilderedly in a tone of contrite amusement. ‘I thought you didn’t believe in God’
‘I don’t’ she sobbed, bursting violently into tears. ‘But the God I don’t believe in is a good God, a just God, a merciful God. He’s not the mean and stupid God you make Him out to be.’
Yossarian laughed and turned her arms loose. ‘Let’s have a little more religious freedom between us,’ he proposed obligingly. ‘You don’t believe in the God you want to, and I won’t believe in the God I want to. Is that a deal?’


About mjbutterworth

I love drinking/making coffee, making/listening to music, riding bicycles, and reading about theology. I also like blogs that talk about those things. Most of all, I love Jesus because his gospel has changed my life.
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