Berlin Coffee Crawl: The Barn

If you’ve been to The Barn, chances are there was a line out the door, chances are you had trouble finding a seat, and chances are you awkwardly bumped into several strangers while trying to navigate the tiny interior to grab your drink and get it back to your table without spilling it. But chances are you also had an outstanding cup of coffee.

Given the slew of glowing tweets and positive reviews, I expected a lot from The Barn but it actually exceded my expectations. I was impressed that they turn out such a quality product considering they seem to operate in a constant state of slammed (at least they were the 3 times I visited).  A proper shot of espresso and espresso in properly steamed milk are the two things I look forward to most when visiting a good coffee shop, and the shot of Square Mile’s Red Brick Espresso was best I’ve had of it, and one that I immensely enjoyed. The cappuccino I had my third visit was particularly immaculate: butter toffee sweet with liquid chrome foam.

Even though my main motivation to visit a cafe is espresso, filter coffee is my first love and I enjoy getting the chance to compare my home brew to leading professionals’. The Barn’s filter offerings were as good as I’ve had anywhere; they had some great guest coffees from Australian roaster Market Lane and my favorite roaster in the world The Coffee Collective. Here’s my tasting notes (all brewed on a Hario V60):

Market Lane – Finca Suiza El Salvador – Bright, floral, and red fruit. A very tasty, drinkable cup.
Market Lane – San Julian Guatemala – Forgot to take tasting notes- but it was good. Market Lane’s website says honey and plums- the plums may be pushing it, but I enjoyed it.
The Coffee Collective – Kieni, Nyeri, Kenya – Incredibly sweet with a pleasant acidity. It got increasingly more delicious as it cooled. Confirmed my love for this Danish microroaster. Was lucky enough to get 250g of whole bean and have been brewing it at the house since.

Some pics:
I enjoyed Coffee With Tim Wendelboe. Now I just need to have some coffee from Tim Wendelboe.


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