Walking the streets of Prague is practically an architecture history class: Gothic, Baroque, Cubist, Art Deco, and Art Nouveau all blend to make one gorgeous, cosmopolitan city.  It’s not an accident that the region of the Czech Republic that Prague is in, Bohemia, lends its name to artsy neighborhoods and their denizens around the world. But outside of the historic city center the modern suburbs are dominated by the same charmless concrete apartment blocs you might find anywhere in Eastern Europe- the remnant of half a century of Communism.  The comparison and contrast between the two faces of Prague are poignant.

But one such neighborhood Karlin- a former no-go zone – is on an upswing thanks to a surge of new community-minded businesses.  One of those businesses is Můjšálekkávy (“My Cup of Coffee” in Czech), a cafe which happens to have some of the best coffee in town. Můjšálekkávy has barely been open a year, but it’s already an established part of Karlin.  I found out from the owner Roland, a South African expat, that one regular’s love for the cafe influenced her to move to a nearby flat. After I had a couple of beverages, I could understand why.

Můjšálekkávy  serves coffee from local roaster Double Shot.  They make espresso with a gorgeous, hand-built Mirage espresso machine by Kees van der Westen and they brew filter coffee by the cup with a Hario V60 brew bar.  Throughout my several visits I tried an assortment of their single origin filter coffees including the El Salvador Finca El Carmen Natural Pacamara, the Colombia Carlos Imbachi, Panama Los Lajones Honey Microlot.   Of the filters the Finca El Carmen and the Los Lajones Honey were my favorite. The espresso was darker than I prefer, but was well prepared and tasted good in a cappuccino.

I really appreciated Můjšálekkávy’s community focus, great atmosphere/design, and of course good coffee. If you only go to one cafe in Prague- I would make it this one! Big thanks to Daniel for consistently making good beverages on bar.

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  1. julmarie says:

    Great post. Thanks for the architecture link – that was fascinating.

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