New Job: Quills Coffee

For the last 2 years I really enjoyed being a coffee consumer. I was privileged enough to do a fair amount of traveling and visit some great cafes in Europe.  But after tasting so much wonderful coffee from roasters like The Coffee Collective, Square Mile, and Hasbean I definitely found myself itching to get back in the game upon relocating back to the States. 

I’m very excited to announce that I am now working at Quills Coffee, one of my favorite coffee shops in the Louisville area.  Quills recently opened up their 2nd and 3rd location, in New Albany (on the other side of the river in Southern Indiana) and Cardinal Towne (right by the University of Louisville). I’ll be mostly working at the latter, but I’m supposed to be picking up shifts at New Albany and the (new) original Baxter Ave. location as well.

As a new employee John Letoto invited me to check out the roasting facility, which is part of the New Albany store. I must say I’m impressed that Toto has created such a delicious espresso blend and I’m glad that I can be proud of the drinks I’ll be serving our customers. I’m also humbled to be working with such a solid staff and excited to be playing with some of the best equipment on the market.

So if you’re in the Louisville area come by and I’ll make you a drink.  


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One Response to New Job: Quills Coffee

  1. Kristina says:

    oh. I will be there… just not sure how quickly. 😀 I’ll be looking forward to having another excellent cup of Butter”worthy” coffee in the next few months!!

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