Spring Reading List: The Moviegoer

While Julie and I were in San Francisco I found a copy of The Moviegoer by Walker Percy at a used bookstore in the mission. I’ve wanted to read it since I stumbled upon this letter to Percy from Flannery O’Connor congratulating him for winning the National Book Award.  If my favorite writer liked a book, I try to make it a point to read it.

The book explores the decline of Southern tradition from the perspective of a disillusioned Korean War vet who interprets the world through the films he frequently sees. He struggles to find any purpose or meaning in life beyond making money and romancing women, but decides to undertake a search. Percy’s prose is stimulating, but very readable. I’m only around halfway through, but I think this may go down on my favorite novels list.

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  1. The Moviegoer is great — and to the point. Here are some of my lastest thoughts on Southern Lit:

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