Saturday night Julie, Julie’s mom, and I went to Harvest, a NuLu restaurant that focuses on serving locally grown food, often within a 100 mile radius around Louisville. The walls of the restaurant are decorated with large portraits of the farmers who grew and raised the food, helping tear down the industrialized wall between producers and consumers. For Harvest sourcing seasonal, local food is not just about supporting small farmers but also providing their customers with the best tasting ingredients.  We could certainly taste the difference.

I had the pork confit with jalapeño bacon grits and grilled asparagus and it did not disappoint.  The pork was succulent; wonderfully seasoned and melt-in-your-mouth tender. The grits were delicious to the point of making me want to shout profanities. Buttery, cheesy, bacon, jalapeño, what more could you want?  The asparagus really rounded out the dish, adding some color and more subdued flavors.

Julie had the herb ricotta gnocchi with spring vegetable ragout, mushroom jus, fennel butter, and bread from Blue Dog Bakery. Since it wasn’t gluten-free I can’t vouch for it, but Julie loved it (and she is not as easily enamored with trendy restaurants as I am.)

If you’re going on a weekend, make a reservation. We didn’t have one and had to sit in the bar area. Thankfully the service and atmosphere was still great.

624 E. Market St.

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