Wright on the Last Supper

“It is now becoming more widely recognized, I think, that the synoptic evangelists present the  Last Supper as a “new Temple” moment. Jesus, having pronounced God’s judgment on the old Temple in his dramatic action and then his discourse on the Mount of Olives, now gathers his friends around him to celebrate a “Passover meal with a difference,” a meal that not only looked back, like all Passover meals, to the exodus itself, but forward  to the new exodus that Jesus was about to accomplish. Like all Passover meals, it was not just a signpost, but a means, through through the sharing of food and wine, of partaking in that event about to be accomplished. When Jesus wanted to explain to his followers the meaning of his death he didn’t give them a theory; he gave them a meal.”

-N.T. Wright, How God Became King, 238.

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