Crema, Nashville, TN

Although we drove to Nashville specifically to check out Barista Parlor, we didn’t feel our visit would be complete without going to Crema, a veteran shop in the Nashville specialty coffee scene. I was already over-caffeinated, so I limited myself to a cortado, but it was quite excellent. I’ve previously had some of their filter coffee and I’m impressed with what they’re doing, especially considering they are relatively new to roasting. The baristas at Crema had been to Quills (where I work), so it was nice to feel a sort of mutual coffee understanding. In fact, our respective shops have been roasting different lots of Burundi Gatare  (lots 3 and 11 respectively), and using it in both our espresso blends and as a single origin filter. At one point Julie commented that she felt like we took a road trip to Louisville, and I think we discovered at Crema that our two cities have more than just a last syllable in common.

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