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I couldn’t think of a better 1,000th post than sharing Matt Perger’s new Hario V60 brew video. Perger is the 2012 World Brewer’s champion and a former WBC finalist. A lot of people have been hatin’ on the V60 lately … Continue reading

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A Holiday at the Sea

At Oak Island, North Carolina.

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Why I’m a Bicycle Commuter

I used to have a simple answer whenever someone asked me why I’m a bicycle commuter: I don’t have a car. But since I married into car-ownership this succinct albeit incomplete reply has become inaccurate, which has caused me to reflect … Continue reading

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Keener on Miracles

Yet our current understanding of “ordinary” does not comprehensively describe reality, and before we dismiss all possibility of suprahuman intervention, we are obligated to make explicit and evaluate the presupposition on which such a wholesale dismissal would be based. If … Continue reading

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Rendezvous in Istanbul

I don’t have a record player, but Julie and I couldn’t resist buying this album at Astro Black today.

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The Coffee Compass

This is a personal blog and my only criteria for choosing what to post is whether or not I find something interesting. One of my biggest obsessions is coffee and unsurprisingly “coffee” and “coffee shops” are 2 of my most … Continue reading

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Cycle Carnival, 1897

I recently discovered that I live next to a piece of Louisville cycling history. That and my new wheels (Vuelta Zerolites) have been motivating me to brave the heat and put on some miles.

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DIY Cold Brew

My friends over at Prima Coffee posted this today and I thought it was too good not to share: DIY cold brew for $30! You’ll need: Aeropress with 2 filters, bottle, sewing needle, sharp knife, water, ice, and coffee. [1] Empty … Continue reading

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Swing Lo Magellan

If you’re not listening to this album, you’re missing out.

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Downtown Sunergos is Open!

The new Sunergos Coffee dowtown, located on 5th St. between Jefferson and Market, is open and serving tasty shots of espresso pulled on a gorgeous Slayer espresso machine. Julie and I visited yesterday for the opening and had some delicious … Continue reading

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