How to Make a Career in Coffee

The most common non-coffee related question I get as a barista is, “Are you a student?” I am a student, but the question still annoys me. Why is being a barista not considered an admirable profession? Why do people assume this is a temporary job I’m doing until I can get the job I really want?

James Hoffman recently gave a lecture at the Nordic Barista Cup on how to make coffee a viable career. It’s a must-watch for anyone who isn’t just killing time until they finish school.


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One Response to How to Make a Career in Coffee

  1. I am completely with you on this one. I, too, am trying to make in the coffee business and its annoying when people assume that being a barista is an odd job or a college job. Not many are aware that the coffee industry has very promising prospects and that there are many other jobs related to the industry aside from being a barista. Also, being a barista is a craft that entails harnessing and mastery, we dont just pour coffee – we make certain that the cup is perfection. *high five*

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