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First Wash

After 7 months it was time to give my Raleigh Denim Thins their first wash.

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New Mural at Quills

Thomas Edison, Edwin Hubble, and Hunter S. Thompson all lived in Louisville at different points. It would have been nice if they had shared a Chemex. Photo by Darren Jennings.

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Hey Obama!

This is the closest I’ll come to a political blog post. 

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Mr. Frosty Man by Sufjan Stevens

Best Sufjan music video ever. Definitely not for kids.

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Walk in the Park

Julie and my walk in the park today made me wish I played tennis. I guess it’s never to late to learn.

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There and Back Again

Tickets to Istanbul in December are purchased. It will be my first return visit since moving back to America. I’m giddy with excited and can’t stop listening to Emre Aydın. Istanbul, özledim seni!

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Our Favorite Places: Sheffield

Our Favourite Places from Our Favourite Places on Vimeo. One of my favorite cities in England is Sheffield, and this short little video does a great job of showing why.

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