It’s always been a point of embarrassment for me that I’ve never been to New York City. For all intents and purposes it’s the capital of earth, which is impressive considering it’s not even the capital of New York.

Well that’s all changing come March, when I will be competing in the Latte Art Championship  (yes, they exist) at CoffeeFest NYC. It’s a major honor to be competing with 63 other world class baristas, but honestly if I’m knocked out early I won’t be heart broken, as there is a seemingly infinite number of things I want to do in NYC. Here’s the short list:

1. Go the MOMA and see The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh.

2. Eat at Momofuko

3. Get an espresso at Everyman.

I’m afraid to add anything else to the list, lest I be disappointed if I don’t get to do it. Nevertheless, suggestions are welcome.


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5 Responses to NYC

  1. Excited that you get to do the competition. Sorry you have to go to NYC for it.

  2. Becky H says:

    Michael!! Wayyy excited you get to go to The City. And it’s sweet to hear you’re in that competition, too. The MOMA is a must see for sure. You probably won’t make it to the lower east side, but if you do, right near Chinatown is BabyCakes NYC with killer gluten free cupcakes, etc. I make a point to go there when I’m in New York.

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