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>Barista Bash

>Get excited.

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>Thought of the day

>Latte art is to coffee what track standing is to bicycles.

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>Ville Be Jammin

>Tonight was the first ever Louisville Barista Jam hosted by Java’s own Sarah W (of Cabin fame). Toto brought over his syphon/siphon set up and gave a very educational and tasty demonstration. Kenny gave some pointers for aspiring latte artists … Continue reading

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>The Best Coffee In Boston… that I have personally tasted anyway.

>The greater Boston area has a great selection of independent coffee shops. Here are the best ones I visited. Barismo. Walk into this Arlington shop and you won’t find a lot of peripherals, whether it be chocolate, blenders, or even … Continue reading

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>I drink a lot of coffee. I talk a lot about coffee. And the fact that I used to work in an independent coffee shop gives me some cred among the caffeinated proletariat, but my more informed aficionado friends are … Continue reading

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>Wide Rosetta

> Kenny busts out one of the best I’ve seen… thankfully the cameras were rollin’.

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