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Gospel Fluency

Jeff Vanderstelt // Gospel Fluency from Newfrontiers USA on Vimeo. Gospel fluency. I love this. HT: Justin Taylor

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N.T. Wright to the Next Generation

HT:Patrick Schreiner

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>Plausibility Structures and the Gospel

>”As a Christian I seek so to live within the biblical tradition, using its language as my language, its models as the models through which I make sense of my experience, its story as the clue to my story, that … Continue reading

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>Fall Reading Daze

> I acquired several books over Fall Reading Days (which is ironic considering we are supposed to be reading assigned reading during our break). Perhaps the book I am most excited about is Refractions, which is a collection of essays … Continue reading

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>Christian Scenesters

>Even if you have never heard the term before, those of you with similar cultural backgrounds as me (i.e. went through a period of white middle class alternative music angst) will probably instantly understand the term “christcore.” Well for those … Continue reading

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