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Nikon D3100

After years of talking about it, I finally invested in an entry level digital SLR this week. I took a break from shooting a cold brew tutorial for the Coffee Compass to snap a few pics of my bicycle. Tips … Continue reading

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A Better Bicycle Bell

I think this American-designed and manufactured bicycle bell looks brilliant. Judging by the 1,000% funds raised on Kickstarter, a lot of other people did too!

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Experiments in Speed

Having recently set a personal speed record in England’s Peak District, the prospect of riding any bike, let alone a fixie, this fast terrifies me! HT: Tracko

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Le Tour!

July is my favorite month of the year for sports. This cool animated video explains everything you need to know about The Tour de France. HT: Prolly is Not Probably.

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Every Bike Commuter Needs Some Outlier Climbers

Every bike commuter wrestles with the same question: Do I dress for form or function? I have a seven mile commute to class. Not exactly the Tour de France, but it’s far enough to work up a sweat. It’s also … Continue reading

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Bilenky Cycle Works

Bicycling Magazine: Bilenky Cycle Works from Andrew David Watson on Vimeo. I would love to own one of these bicycles one day! HT: Chris Bennett

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Seagull Bags

Seagull Story from Seagull Bags on Vimeo. Long time readers of this blog are already familiar with my love for Seagull Bags. After you watch this video you’ll understand why.

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