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Eti’s Glutensiz Bebek Bisküvisi- not just for babies

One of the most polarizing issues in Turkey today is not related to football or politics but…. wait for it…. prepackaged baked goods. Most people support one of the 2 major companies, Eti or Ülker.  Differences between the two camps … Continue reading

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>Daedalus and Honey Nut Chex

> Istanbul is an amazing city where you can get practically anything… with the exception of my beloved breakfast-cereal Honey Nut Chex. To make matter worse, all of the breakfast cereals available here (Corn Flakes, Cocoa Puffs) are glutenous. As … Continue reading

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>Where Does the Time Go?

>This week felt exceptionally busy… but it wasn’t until I realized I neglected this blog for an entire week that I think it caught up with me. Journaling, running, reading, and apartment cleaning were also given woefully inadequate time, and … Continue reading

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>Gluten Free Food Review: Opera Cake by Cake Flour

>I have some pretty exciting news for celiacs in the Louisville area. My place of employment, Java Brewing Company, is now carrying a monthly gluten-free pastry, which for December is an opera cake by local bakery Cake Flour. “Decadent” is … Continue reading

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>The Best Coffee In Boston… that I have personally tasted anyway.

>The greater Boston area has a great selection of independent coffee shops. Here are the best ones I visited. Barismo. Walk into this Arlington shop and you won’t find a lot of peripherals, whether it be chocolate, blenders, or even … Continue reading

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>Gluten Free Food Review: Dr. Lucy’s Cookies

>I always am nervous trying new gluten free specialty food.  A lot of it taste horrible, all of it is expensive, and with a lot of brands jumping on the GF brand wagon, it can be difficult to find the elusive … Continue reading

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