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True and Better

HT: Hugh Bourne

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>Galatians 5: Law and Grace

> Tragically, moral failure is not uncommon among Christian leaders. The sins of high and low profile ministers have brought hurt upon many individuals and shame on the gospel and church. I personally have seen the effects sexual sin in … Continue reading

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>I recently found out that Tom Schreiner, a renown New Testament scholar and professor at SBTS, reserves superlatives like “extraordinary” and “astonishing” exclusively to talk about Jesus Christ and the gospel. This makes a lot of sense. The good news … Continue reading

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>Tim Keller is a Baller

>It would be a really good idea to download and listen to these and these.

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>Keller on Material Salvation

>”Christianity… is perhaps the most materialistic of the world’s faiths. Jesus’s miracles were not so much violations of the natural order, but a restoration of the natural order. God did not create a world with blindness, leprosy, hunger, and death … Continue reading

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