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>Yes, They Glow in the Dark

>I am now running/rocking these Odyssey pedals on my bike. Already been complemented by some baby hipsters outside Quills. Regardless, it’s just great to be back in the saddle. Thanks mom and dad for the great graduation present!

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>Overly Nostalgic Reflections on Graduation

>I am now an alumnus of Boyce College. That sentence encompasses hundreds of pages of papers, ten of thousands of pages of reading, dozens of all-nighters, dorm meetings, chapels, service projects, and student life events. When I started at Boyce … Continue reading

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>“The Faculty of Boyce College of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary on the authority vested in it by the Board of Trustees hereby confers upon Michael John Butterworth the degree of Bachelor of Science in recognition of the satisfactory completion … Continue reading

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