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Summer Reading List: The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle

After taking the last couple weeks to get a jump start on the fall semester’s reading, I decided to use my quickly dwindling summer free time to enjoy one more novel, The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami. Set in … Continue reading

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Istanbul Memories of a City

I’m sure why I waited this long to read Orhan Pamuk’s memoir about his life and the city that shaped it, but I’m glad I did. After living here for a cumulative year and a half (between my two stints here) … Continue reading

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Summer Reading List: Walden by Henry David Thoreau

Some excerpts from Walden: “I can not believe our factory system is the best mode by which men may get clothing. The condition of the operatives is becoming every day more like that of the English; and it cannot be wondered … Continue reading

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After finishing the Brothers K I’ve had the desire to read something a little more contemporary- but I wasn’t sure what. I must have looked at dozen novels around town before I saw this one at the Virgin Megastore in … Continue reading

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Spring Reading List: Dubliners

 I needed a new novel, all my lit major friends have always raved about Joyce,  and I’m going to Dublin in less than 4 weeks. All these factors made reading Joyce’s first book a perfect choice for my Spring Reading … Continue reading

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>The Museum of Innocence

>Currently I am reading Orhan Pamuk’s latest novel The Museum of Innocence. The following exert is a brilliant example of the poignancy of Pamuk’s turn of phrase- even in translation. “At times like this what matters is not our words … Continue reading

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>Orhan Pamuk

>“Four years after I first left Istanbul, while traveling through the endless steppes, snow-covered mountains and melancholy cities of Persia, carrying letters and collecting taxes, I admitted to myself that I was slowly forgetting the face of the childhood love … Continue reading

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