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Bauckham on The Theology of Revelation

Since childhood, Revelation, or The Apocalypse of St. John, has been one of my favorite books in the Bible. The imagery and drama captured my imagination, and the promise of a city where there is no sorrow has gotten me … Continue reading

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Christians and Possessions

Christians can, therefore, adopt and recommend no single attitude towards possessions. When they attempt to understand their lives with the world of biblical narrative, they are caught in the double movement of enjoyment and renunciation. Neither half of the movement, … Continue reading

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Paul and the Faithfulness of God

I’ve been waiting for volume 4 in N.T. Wright’s magisterial Christian Origins and the Question of God series for a long time. Thankfully the long-awaited return from exile has come near in the form of 3 books: Paul and the Faithfulness of … Continue reading

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Hays on Intertextuality in Paul

“‘The word is near you, on your lips and in your heart.’ The texts that envelop us speak through us; resonant speech discovers typologies that interpret present experience through the language of predecessors. But these typologies come to us unbidden, … Continue reading

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Origen on Jesus and the Beatitudes

Jesus confirms all of the beatitudes he speaks in the Gospel, and he justifies his teaching though his own example. “Blessed are the meek” is what he says of himself. “Learn of me, for I am meek.” “Blessed are the … Continue reading

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Allison on Intertextuality

But how does the contemporary reader of an ancient work come to perceive such exchanges? Or, more simply, when is an allusion an illusion?Anyone familiar with the critical literature on the New Testament knows that the discovery of allusions is … Continue reading

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Keener on Miracles

Yet our current understanding of “ordinary” does not comprehensively describe reality, and before we dismiss all possibility of suprahuman intervention, we are obligated to make explicit and evaluate the presupposition on which such a wholesale dismissal would be based. If … Continue reading

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