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İmla Hataları

My never ending quest to find good espresso in Istanbul led me to Bebek to check out Cafe Lucca (because it popped up here amongst the winners of last year’s SCAE competition). I didn’t find the espresso, but I did … Continue reading

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>Ev alma, komşu al. I learned this Turkish phrase last night, and I really like it. It means something like “Don’t buy a house, buy your neighbors.” In other words, the quality of your relationship with your neighbors is more … Continue reading

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Hoşçakal by Emre Aydın

A lot of people here in Turkey really like this song. I may be one of them.

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>The Museum of Innocence

>Currently I am reading Orhan Pamuk’s latest novel The Museum of Innocence. The following exert is a brilliant example of the poignancy of Pamuk’s turn of phrase- even in translation. “At times like this what matters is not our words … Continue reading

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>Kadıköy Dance Party

> Kadıköy Dance Party from Michael Butterworth on Vimeo. One of the many reasons I love Istanbul: you never know when you are going to stumble on a massive dance party by the Bosporus.

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>Sociologists claim almost every culture on earth has a traditional hot drink. However in Turkey, çay (pronounced like “chai”, though it bears no similarity to the sweet American coffee house drink- sans the minimal tea content in the latter) is … Continue reading

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>Orhan Pamuk

>“Four years after I first left Istanbul, while traveling through the endless steppes, snow-covered mountains and melancholy cities of Persia, carrying letters and collecting taxes, I admitted to myself that I was slowly forgetting the face of the childhood love … Continue reading

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