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Our Favorite Places: Sheffield

Our Favourite Places from Our Favourite Places on Vimeo. One of my favorite cities in England is Sheffield, and this short little video does a great job of showing why.

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Artisan Roast

Whenever you hear about coffee in the UK you always hear about Square Mile and Hasbean, and sometimes Climpson & Sons and Union (and for good reason, I’ve had coffee from the former 3 and they’re great!) . But since … Continue reading

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London: Things Not Pertaining to Coffee

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London Coffee: Part 2

Day 2 in London I was joined by two good friends that I met in Istanbul, Chris and Jana, both of who now work in the UK. [Jana poses with her Flat White.] [Chris enjoys his cake] First stop: Tapped … Continue reading

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London Coffee: Part 1

London is easily a contender for the greatest city on earth. It was the first city to reach a million people since before the fall of Rome, has many of the most iconic landmarks and priceless artifacts on earth, and … Continue reading

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>London Calling

>I’ve been in London for the past two days visiting good friends, drinking fantastic coffee, seeing priceless artifacts/works of art, and seeing incredible places. (ordered in list of importance). There’s more words and pictures to be shared about the awesome … Continue reading

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>Riding the Third Wave

> thuis BARISTA koffietour Londen from Coen Remmelts on Vimeo. This video has been out for a while, but it’s new to me. I wish this guy would shoot a video like this for every major urban center, but those … Continue reading

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