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Allison on Intertextuality

But how does the contemporary reader of an ancient work come to perceive such exchanges? Or, more simply, when is an allusion an illusion?Anyone familiar with the critical literature on the New Testament knows that the discovery of allusions is … Continue reading

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Keener on Miracles

Yet our current understanding of “ordinary” does not comprehensively describe reality, and before we dismiss all possibility of suprahuman intervention, we are obligated to make explicit and evaluate the presupposition on which such a wholesale dismissal would be based. If … Continue reading

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N.T. Wright on How to Read the Bible

The Whole Sweep of Scripture, by N.T. Wright. from Reality Adorn on Vimeo. I’ve been posting an inordinate amount of videos lately, but this one was too good not to share. Seriously, I love everything this man has to say. … Continue reading

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God’s Pilgrim People

Recently stumbled upon this quote South African theologian David Bosch. “The Church is viewed as the people of God and by implication then, as a pilgrim church…It is ek-klesia, “called out” of the world, and sent back into the world. … Continue reading

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For a long time I was cynical towards my American friends who wanted to visit Ireland.  I meant nothing against the place, it just seemed fairly cliche- green hills, castles, leprechauns, shamrocks, kissing stones upsidedown- all these things could be summed … Continue reading

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