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Cherry Tomatoes

I honestly don’t think I knew what a tomato tasted like before we joined Groce Family Farm’s CSA. These cherry tomatoes tasted sweeter than candy.

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Taco Luchadore

If there is one gaping hole in Louisville’s otherwise incredible food scene it’s tacos. That was until Taco Luchadore opened this week. My Al Pastor tacos were everything I could have wanted and the service would even have made Danny … Continue reading

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Eating Nashville

Julie and I have been itching to get out of town, even just for a day trip, and Nashville, TN is perfect day trip distance. More importantly some of my friends just moved there to help start a new coffee … Continue reading

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Bread Pudding

I botched a loaf of bread, but it turned out to be a great mistake because Julie made bread pudding out of it. Best. Dessert. Ever.

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Mission Chinese Food

Waiting outside Mission Chinese Food in San Francisco. It was worth the wait.

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St. Ali

Leading up to my trip to the UK I couldn’t stop hearing about St. Ali.  Tweets, blog posts, recommendations from friends- all my sources said that St. Ali had it going on in a culinary sense.  But surprisingly, the most … Continue reading

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The Foodie’s Guide to Istanbul: Miss Pizza

The word “gourmet” has become pretty cliche. It’s essentially been co-opted by the industrialized food marketing machine to mean “a useless filler adjective that may motivate you to buy our crap product.” Admittedly “stale, burnt C-grade coffee” doesn’t soundly nearly … Continue reading

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