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Fall Reading List: A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

I recently finished A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce, bringing me one step closer to the literary goal of reading Ulysses and understanding it.  Overall I enjoyed the book, particularly the chapter describing hell, … Continue reading

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Sailing to Byzantium

Somehow, it’s fitting that I was reading this poem several weeks ago as I flew from Dublin to Istanbul. I There is no country for old men. The young                       … Continue reading

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Third Floor Espresso, Dublin

Third Floor Espresso. I’m not sure when or how I first heard about them, but I remember reading about their Tasting/Drinking menu and thinking it was very clever.  Then I heard this podcast and realized that top notch specialty coffee … Continue reading

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Tallest Man On Earth live at Vicar St

The first time I saw The Tallest Man On Earth live, I, like most everyone there, had no idea who he was. He was opening for Bon Iver at Headliners in Louisville, KY and the rowdy crowd showed little interest … Continue reading

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For a long time I was cynical towards my American friends who wanted to visit Ireland.  I meant nothing against the place, it just seemed fairly cliche- green hills, castles, leprechauns, shamrocks, kissing stones upsidedown- all these things could be summed … Continue reading

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Spring Reading List: Dubliners

 I needed a new novel, all my lit major friends have always raved about Joyce,  and I’m going to Dublin in less than 4 weeks. All these factors made reading Joyce’s first book a perfect choice for my Spring Reading … Continue reading

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