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This is My Hand

Ethereal, cinematic, other-worldly. With This is My Hand Shara Worden proves that everything she touches is gold. Listen to My Brightest Diamond’s new album on NPR First Listen for the next week. 

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Paracosm by Washed Out

I’ve really been enjoying Washed Out’s new album, Paracosm. It’s features WO’s trademark slow, dream-like vibe with a decided Continental easy-listening/jazz twist. I plan on wearing this record out at work.

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My Five Favorite Albums of 2012

Choosing a top five was really difficult for me this year, but the post-Christmas lethargy brought on by too much stuffed cabbage is keeping me from mustering enough energy for a top ten. So here goes my best shot: 5. … Continue reading

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Being In Love With This Album as I Am

Coexist by The XX is playing in my headphones, on repeat.

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Rendezvous in Istanbul

I don’t have a record player, but Julie and I couldn’t resist buying this album at Astro Black today.

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Swing Lo Magellan

If you’re not listening to this album, you’re missing out.

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The Welcome Wagon has a new album out called Precious Remedies Against Satan’s Devices. Here’s a beautiful video shot during rehearsal for the album release show.

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